Vienna Escort Girls - Professional escort services.
We offering beautiful girls to travel with you world wide.


Where can you meet our ladies?

All our girls can travel and meet you anywhere except the USA, Canada and Australia.
The nearest cities: Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic).

How many days of advanced notice do we need to manage the encounter?

The girls are taking flights from Vienna (Austria) or from Bratislava (Slovak Republic). All depends on availability. It is strongly recommended to make the reservation as soon as your schedule is able to accomodate the meeting.

Your booking is accepted after the payment for transport costs depending on meeting point + 10-20% of expected service charge (min100EUR). Experience showed us that we couldn?t take a risk that the meeting is not meant seriously.

How do I do payment for the service?

The payment for the service has to be done to girl (cash) immediately after the girl?s arrival to the meeting point selected by you. The price is agreed before. If you want to make the meeting longer it is possible to do it after paying the agreed amount with the girl.

What we need from you?

  • day, time and length of your appointment
  • your name, age, some info about you (what you do, like...)
  • address of a place where you will meet our girl (hotel, private place,...)
  • telephone number to reach you in case of emergency

The money can be send:

  • via Western Union-Money Transfer. ( We will provide you the details how to pay the advance of payment. After sending the advance of payment send us the sender's name, originating city, state and the money transfer control number (MTCN).
  • or directly to our Bank account, but only in case if you plan your appointment at least 7 days in advance.


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